New Year in Tassy

Today was New Years Day in Hobart.  I woke about 7 and listened to a talk on line by David Jones on Song of Solomon.  I am reading and listening to everything I can on the Song at the moment ahead of speaking on it in February. Getabout Camper

We touched base this morning with the other owners of a Getabout Camper in this caravan park.  Despite having owned a Getabout since 2008 and spending 4-5 months in the campervan in that time - this was the first time we have seen someone with a Getabout.

Getabout Camper
Getabout Camper

It was good to have a chat with them about what we have thought of the camper.  Overall we have both been very satisfied.  They had problems with the tyres, we had problems with our tyres on our second campervan.  They were five years old, even though the campervan was only 2009.  Our only difficulty with the current campervan is with the door that folds down as a step - the rivets that hold the step up have broken - meaning that we have had to replace them with little nuts and bolts


We left Cathie with the campervan and headed into Hobart.  It was great to walk the docks and check out the Sydney Hobart yachts and then walk around the food and wine exhibition, the museum and art gallery and find the state parliament.

Investec Loyal
Investec Loyal

We saw the winners and the Ella Bache one, sailed by the youngest crew, headed by Jessica Watson - but didn't get to see Jessica.

Ella Bache with Jessica Watson
Ella Bache with Jessica Watson

We did see however - a large scale photograph of the ABC Radio crew on the side of a bus - including a life sized image of former workmate and friend from 2WS Louise Saunders.

Hobart (in population terms) is slightly smaller than Townsville in Queensland but felt much smaller to me.

Crossroads Church

This afternoon we visited the Crossroads Church 4pm service. They have terrific facilities, meeting in the Brethren Church building.  The service was friendly, songs we ones we were mostly familiar with, the praying was tremendously encouraging and the sermon preached by Dan was faithful and pointed us to Jesus.  It was great to catch up briefly with Mikey Lynch and then with Christine and Mike Jolly.

It was also great to get a text from Ian Powell with an update on how things went this morning at Village: “Matt was brilliant.  Church as a whole had a good feel.  Youz were thankfully prayed for.”

Then back to a banquet at Huw and Emma’s home about a hundred meters from Hobart’s cricket pitch.  It was lovely to seem them and Tom with cheering from the cricket in the background.

All in all a terrific start to 2012.