Sam Green – Terrorism and Islam

The terrorist attack at Parramatta last week was shocking. A 15-year-old Muslim boy shot a civilian who worked at the NSW Police headquarters. The boy was shot dead by police.

After these disturbing events, a media conference was held by the grand Mufti of Australian Muslims, as well as a representative of Gosford Anglican Church and a female Islamic Leader. 

The conference seemed to try to recast the narrative, as if the problem of terror wasn’t specifically an Islamic problem. As if all parents were somehow responsible for a boy grabbing a gun and shooting a complete stranger.

The Mufti also refused to label it a terror attack.

Rev Sam Green works for the Christian University Student Group, the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students.

He is the Anglican Interfaith chaplain for Australia and we discussed what the events at Parramatta tell us about Islam, the Koran and whether we are asking the right questions about religious terrorism.