Grant Bickerton on our 'busy' lives

Grant Bickerton

Grant Bickerton

Feeling relaxed? Probably not, because we live such busy lives. Australia used to be known as a highly relaxed nation but that has changed. 


It often seems like we are on a frantic rollercoaster and we can't get off. For many of us, we don't want to get off because we find so much of our meaning from being busy.

When someone asks us how we're going, what's our common response? “Busy.” And if we are not as busy as usual, we can almost feel guilty if we're not as busy as other people are. As if we have to justify why life isn't hectic.

Grant Bickerton is a psychologist based in Melbourne, who works in well-being, training and development with Christian missionaries for Campus Crusade for Christ Australia.

The focus of Grant's PHD was on occupational stress, looking at burn-out and how religious factors influence our wellbeing at work.

Grant spoke about the plague of busy-ness in Australia and how a biblical understanding of rest can lead to a sustainable, balanced life.