Life on Mars and the movie The Martian

The movie 'The Martian' Photo courtesy Fox

The movie 'The Martian' Photo courtesy Fox

Did you hear the update about Mars this week? NASA has announced that actual water had been discovered on Mars.

It is the first confirmed sighting of water on the planet’s surface.

Also this week, a new movie opened at cinemas around the world called The Martian.

Interesting coincidence, don’t you think?

Film reviewer Ben McEachen and astrophysicist Dr Lewis Jones - who is director of the Simeon Network, a network of Christians in academia -  join me to talk about all of this Mars publicity - as well as what such outer-space discoveries mean for God.

Is the existence of God threatened by signs of life on other planets?

  • Ben, what’s going on here? Are Hollywood and NASA working together?

  • Does water turn up on-screen in The Martian?

  • Lewis, what do you think about all the talk this week about discoveries on Mars?

  • When anything is discovered on another planet that suggests there could be other life forms in our universe, many people instantly say that that proves there is no God.

  • Lewis, you’re an astrophysicist and a Christian. How do you respond to anyone who thinks that water on Mars could mean that the God revealed by the Bible can not be true?