Neil Foster on Religious Freedom

Now, standing behind the current debate in Australia about same gender marriage is another debate about religious freedom.

Associate Professor Neil Foster   

Associate Professor Neil Foster


For example, if homosexual marriage were to become law in Australia - would Christian photographers, bakers, florists, or even staff at a function center hosting a reception, be forced to participate.

There was a conference on Religious Freedom in Australia held a few days ago in Newcastle.

Associate Professor Neil Foster, Newcastle Law School was one of the people behind it.

He’s on the line.  

  • Freedom of Religion Is Not Taken Seriously In Many Modern Democracies, including Australia.
  • We have a Human Rights Commissioner who seems to be doing a good job in this area.
  • Religious Freddom has to do with one’s human identity.
  • Christianity will have public consequences. Some want to say religion is a private thing… but it won’t stay down.
  • What about hiring and firing for christian organisations according to religious convictions, even if they receive public money?
  • Why should christians care about religious freedom?