Vision, Fundraising and Church Buildings

Promotional Brochure for our 2006 campaign

Promotional Brochure for our 2006 campaign

The old St Aidans Annandale prior to our first refurbishment in 2002 

The old St Aidans Annandale prior to our first refurbishment in 2002 

Every couple of months I receive a phone call from a minister friend asking for advice on vision casting, fundraising and church building projects.

Sometimes my friends are asking how to determine a vision?  Other times how to raise money for a predetermined vision?  Other times just to learn something from our experience in raising once in a generation money for a church project.

Village Church Annandale today

Village Church Annandale today

By background in 2006 our reasonably small congregation at what was then Annandale Community Church/Christians in the Media (now Village Church Annandale) held a Gift and Pledge season, and on the forth of June 2006, we held effectively a referendum on whether to go ahead with the proposed church building project.

That weekend our membership gave in cash and cheques more than the 2005 total offertory.  Their total pledge for the three years was $805,000 dollars.

On the back of that the Sydney Anglican Church Mission Board contributed $1M to our building, leaving us with a loan of around $600,000 (which we are gradually paying off).  

The purpose of this post is to collect together some links to various resources from that 2006 vision campaign.  The things we did were significantly drawn from Rick Warren’s Time to Build package at Saddleback, although obviously we did it differently for both theological and cultural reasons.

(If you would like to meet up to chat though these things it will be most helpful for you to familiarise yourselves with this material before we do so).

Key Themes…

This is taken from the leader’s briefing notes … 

Our goals for the next 40 days

a Grow signficantly together in spiritual maturity

Building a Great Life series: Faith, Service, Purpose, Commitment Sacrifice

b Give to extend our church building

c Deepen our community bonds

d Thank God for the extraordinary way that he has blessed us

Individually playing our part

a Growing and encouraging others to grow in spiritual maturity (largegroup, smallgroup, individually)

b Giving joyfully and sacrificially to extend our church building –at our June 4 Gift and Pledge Sunday

c Share your own story through the headings of faith, service, purpose, commitment, sacrifice

d Thanksgiving to God at our special church Thanksgiving banquet on June 2



I believe that all four goals were met (although the first and third goals are hardest to measure).  Certainly members were challenged in their spiritual maturity.  Most took up the challenge (but as Rick Warren predicted a small minority didn’t). Money was given, community bonds were deepened and we became very thankful for God’s blessing on us. 


Full Talk Series

The full talk series is on this page, the outlines for each talk are attached.  I’d suggest listening to them in order.  


Extra Resources

Videos (appeal, thanksgiving, grew, walkthrough, council)

Leaders notes (1,2,3, calendar)

Pack (letter,brochure,faith,service,purpose,appeal,commitment,sacrifice,how much?,faq,survey,gift and pledge card, service expo)

Banquet (invite, insert,rsvp,runsheet,placemat)

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