Kara Martin on the best books for 2016

Curling up with a good book remains a passion for many of us. 

No matter what other forms of media try to do to win our attention, the written word continues to be something we want to get into.

But with so many books steadily being released, sifting through the shelves can be daunting. Where do we start?

To help us make wise choices when it comes to what's coming out this year, we're going to ask an expert. Kara Martin is a prominent book reviewer for Eternity newspaper, as well as being a lecturer and writer.

What do you think is going to grab the attention of Australian readers? Will it be crime novels? There are a lot of Australian authors who write crime novels - and stacks of Australians that read them.

I'm interested in a book about our recent political history - The Killing Seasons Uncut by Sarah Ferguson. She's going to be revealing more about the Kevin Rudd-Julia Gillard battles?

You also think a new work by author Hilary Mantel about the English Reformation is going to be worth checking out. 

And you also reckon 2016 will be a year filled with non-fiction about ISIS, terrorism and refugees. Why do people want to read more about such troubling, destructive events that feel like they surround us?

You don't just read books - you are working on a book at the moment about "a theology of our daily work" - that will include spiritual disciplines for the workplace. How's that going?