Con Campbell on USA Gun Laws

Did you see the bold heading a couple of weeks ago on the New York Daily News…. that was splashed around the world electronically.

The big banner headline ran ‘God isn’t fixing this.’  

And then there were a series of tweets around the edge…. where various politicians had said that the victims of the SAN BERNARDINO shooting were in their thoughts and prayers.

And the point of the article was really there’s not much point you politicians saying that you are thinking and praying for victims and doing nothing about it.

You need to stop relying on God to fix things and start doing something yourselves, like change gun laws.

It’s an article that has created a storm on several levels - to talk about it we have on the line CON CAMPBELL.

He’s a lecturer in Chicago at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School,

CON can I start by asking you …. when this edition of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS came out… what was the reaction around the theological college where you lecture.

Theres also been a controversy between JERRY FALWELL and JOHN PIPER over should students carry on University College Campuses.