Lyle Shelton from Australian Christian Lobby

As we look back over 2015 I want to talk to Lyle Shelton who heads up the Australian Christian Lobby.

It seems to me while on the one hand there’s been a hardening against Christianity and the Christmas messages from Prime Minister Turnball and Opposition leader Bill Shorten both didn’t link Christmas to the birth of Jesus…. we have statements like the one from DAVID CAMERON in the UK…. where he was encouraging people at Christmas to reflect on Christian values.  

I’ve really been taken aback by this action in Victoria, first against Scripture and then against Christmas Carols.

It seems to me that the education minister wants to have it both ways…. they claim christmas carols weren’t banned… but then they won’t let an external choir sing them.

And yet… when the story broke … I couldn’t remember our local schools in the inner west singing Christian Christmas Carols at all.

Do you see this as part of a general trend in the community/elite - anti Christian trend.

Now to 2016… and the debate on Homosexual Marriage…. we are going to talk later tonight to Kingsley Box in Slovenia… where last week they had the referendum…. and the community there voted quite strongly against gay marriage.