Jocelyn Elliot may be about to be released

The Herald is reporting that Jocelyn Elliot is on the verge of being released by the Al-Qaeda group in Burkina Fasa ( 

Please join me in praying .. 

Our Heavenly Father, 

We recognise that you are in control over all things and so we bring before you again Australians Kenneth and Jocelyn Elliot in Burkina Faso.

We rejoice at news that Jocelyn might be on the verge of being released from captivity by her Islamic captors.

Lord we thank you for the Elliot's work over 40 years serving Jesus in that nation.

We thank you for their Christian witness in that community and their work of bringing much needed medical attention.

We pray for them as they potentially endure a separation now.

We pray that this release of Jocelyn might actually happen … that this wouldn’t be a false alarm.. that she would actually be released.

We pray for her - as she goes through post traumatic shock - and the massive anxiety of being separated from her husband who will still in captivity.

We pray that she might get the support that she needs. 

We think of Kenneth, potentially alone with his Muslim Captors. We pray for him that you would help him to depend on you, to remember the saviour who died for him, to call out to you and to trust you in his hour of trial.

We beg you for the miracle that you might work by the power of your Spirit in the hearts of the captors to bring about the further release of Kenneth.

And we pray for their family, friends and supporters who have watched and prayed for them through this…. that you would help them to trust you…

And, Lord we remember and give thanks to you for those many people over the years who have gone out in the name of Christ and who didn’t come home. 

Thanks for their faith in Jesus death in resurrection, that they trusted you and are now with you in heaven.

In the powerful name of Jesus we pray.