Hannah Boland - Clean Comedian

When you think of a Christian person choosing to do ministry work, I guess you often think about things like becoming a minister or a missionary…..maybe working with under-privileged children, or helping the poor as a doctor or nurse or teacher.

But, becoming a stand-up comedian is not the first thing that springs to mind. ….and yet that is exactly what our first guest has done.


Those are words you don’t often hear in the same sentence!

How does a person go about becoming a stand up comedian?

Your comedy is actually very informed by personal tragedy, isn’t it?

You are known as a “clean” comedian…..what does that mean?

We are pretty used to a lot of comedy being vulgar, even offensive….is there a market for clean comedy?

How do people respond to you when they learn you are a Christian?

How do we know God has a sense of humour?

What makes Good Comedy?