Dr John Best on Religion in Elite Sport

Let’s talk now about Religion and Sport and we’re going to talk in a moment to former Wallabies Doctor Dr John Best because he’s been a Christian man working among the elite sports people for a long time now. 

But I wanted to talk about it … because it’s been all over our screens the last two weeks with the Olympics.  It’s seemed like athlete after athlete has acknowledge God…. in their speeches.

A couple of them that I particularly noticed. One was two young american men who won silver for America in the synchronised diving, two young men DAVID BOUDIA and STEELE JOHNSON speaking after winning silver.

But of course that wasn’t the most remarked upon incident.  That of course was the moment where Fiji won in the rugby, their countries first ever gold medal. 

Lets touch base with Dr John Best

What is it about being an elite athlete that makes people look to a higher power?

What goes through a Christian’s athlete’s mind when he LOSES?