Teenage Pregnancy | Claire Dunlop

Teenage pregnancy is of course, a nationwide concern.

I think an even bigger concern is the incidence of teenage abortion (where young women might be pressured into making decisions - that they spend a lifetime regretting).

In Moree, up in the state’s north west, there’s a new initiative, which has been running for a year or so to try and support pregnant teenage girls, and to try and reduce the abortion statistics.

On the line I have the founder of this program “HOPE FOR LIFE”, Claire Dunlop

Teen pregnancy is an issue that probably will never go away but actually helping teenage girls cope with not only the pregnancy but also the early days of motherhood is not something we hear a lot about. How did the idea of this program come to you?

You, through Anglicare, received some government funding for this?

Abortion in the aboriginal community is not as widespread, is it?

Do you get any other support from anywhere else(She’ll tell you about churches in Moree and Asquith)


What sorts of results are you starting to see?