A holiday blog

Hi there. I'll try this as a holiday record. After church I came home - it was a stuggle getting out the door - with lots of things to be resolved before a fortnight away.

For the first time we put the campervan up in the carport - it didn't go all the way up - but it did go far enough for us to put a few things in the campervan.

We are using this holiday as a practice holiday to work out the issues of moving around Australia in the campervan - practicing for long service leave in September.

We also want to see how we go in our car. Peter and Vini have offered to lend us their four wheel drive - but we are interested to see if our Camry can manage it.

I was home for an hour or so packing and organising - when a lady came over for a job interview/discussion. She was back in Sydney after a time away and I was going away and this was our only chance to catch up.

Cathie was stressed about the hurly burly rush to get away and we decided that she might stay home for a few days and catch the train up to join us.