First difficult task

The first very difficult task was getting the campervan out of the carport and onto the car. It is becoming clear that not only is it impossible to get the campervan in or out of the carport on the back of a car - but it is also impossible to get it in or out of the carport without assistance form another adult.

We had the H and S standing on the left and the right of the campervan - ready to put bricks under the wheel if instructed to - and A standing in the sandpit - figuring that if he was in the sandpit - he was unlikely to be under the wheels.

We told the kids to stand back while it was being moved - explaining that it was easier to fix a ruined camper than a ruined kid.

And then with the help of Chris - who rents our back flat we eventually did get the camper out of the garage - and drove away - quite stressed.

First stop was the video shop - where we rented: West Side Story, Monster House, Garfield 2, Ice Age 2 and Eragon. My choice was West Side Story. Eragon was H's choice - she has read the book - and it is apparently a very good book. I thought that the movie was too old for her - as it left me a bit rattled. Monster House and Garfield 2 were forgetable and we haven't got ot Ice Age 2.

We spent the first night of our fortnight away at Toowoon Bay Caravan Park. Price $23 for one adult, three kids. Pretty good value. Two dollars less than that night's dinner - a family meal at Central Coast McDonalds.