Cathie's arrival on Tuesday

We spent the morning keenly aware that Cathie would be joining us on the train from Sydney at 1:14. At 12:40pm I said to the kids - OK lets pack the camper trailer. We packed in record time - in the rain - driving out of the carevan park at 1:01pm.

Despite the navman I got lost on the way to Singleton Railway Station. But we did arrive before Cathie's train. There was a lovely moment on the platform when she arrived and the kids ran to welcome her.

It was lovely having her back in our midst - having been apart since Sunday.

It's not often that I and the kids have get into a significant parenting routine - and then Cathie joins us (It happened last in 2003). Much more frequently it is the other way around. And it was a little strange for all of us.

We went shopping and then drove to Tamworth. We spent most of the trip between Qurindi and Tamworth unsure about whether the petrol would last. When we got to Tamworth we put 64 litres in the 60 litre tank - at a cost of $104.

There were a couple of hills that the car struggled to get up with the trailer on.

We stopped at 'City Lights'/'Country Scrub' Caravan Park which is not as nice as the Caravan Park at Singleton and much worse than the one at Toowoon Bay but still managed to charge us $43 per night.