Cathie's birthday in Tamworth

There are two days each year when Cathie and I are the same age. Her birthday and the day before my birthday. Today it was Cathie's birthday. We woke up in Tamworth - on what I understand was the coldest day of the year. It was freezing. We had set out to test the camper tailer. We were very glad that the camper trailer had a reverse heading facility in the air conditioner and that we have a camper trailer with an airconditioner.

I was pleased that Cathie was pleased with my itunes gift voucher for her birthday. And we downloaded Billy Joel's 'The Longest Time' which I think is her favourite song.

After lunch we went in and checked out the Tamworth big Golden Guitar and the waxworks hall of fame of Country Music Stars where I bought her a really nice purple hat for her birthday as well - that she plans to take on our trip around Australia.

For dinner we went to the Tamworth Ex Servicemen's Club and we all had a smorgasboard. It was the kid's first smorgasboard experience - and was a real hit.