Coonabarabran: Cold and closed

Arrived last night in Coonabarabran.

Cold last night. Solomon who has been wearing sleaveless shirts woke me up at 4:30pm freezing and in distress. He'd gone to sleep in boxer shorts only with a think blanket. Had woken at 4:30am freezing, and the doona next to him was cold. He came into my bed and I turned on the caravan heater. We both fell asleep and then at 6:30am when we woke up from the heat - I sent him back to his bed.

We had a slow start - and at 1:30pm discovered that the hardware shop was closed for Saturday afternoon - we'd bought a new tap fitting yesterday which had broken - and now couldn't be replaced.

We drove out to Siding Springs Observatory - to discover that it closed on weekends at 2pm.

We snuck in however with a half price half time inspection of of the tourist exhibition - but weren't able to see the telescope inside.

I am looking forward to them seeing the movie the Dish - which will make more sense now.

After Siding Springs we headed out to The Warrumbungle National Park. Coming back from the lookout the kids raced. First off the mark Abraham, then 30 seconds later Hannah then 30 seconds later Solomon. Hannah won the chocolate biscuit.