Last morning at church

This morning it was our last Sunday morning atchurch for three months. And a strange Sunday morning it was.

Because of the Engage conference we were missing most of the Kids Church leaders, half the Youth Crossfire leaders, and a significant proportion of the church body as well. This meant that there were less than half the number of people in attendance - compared to average.

We were meeting in Annandale Uniting Church this morning because of a prior booking to our usual venue - the Annandale Neighbourhood Center.

It seemed like everything that could go wrong did go wrong. But in fact it was probably only one electrical circuit that went wrong. At first it was crackling through the PA system, so we abandoned the PA for my talk. We were unable to play the audio of the;John Piper clipthat I wanted to, I completely forgot the <a href=";&version=31
;">Bible verse that I wanted to quote. And then the power failed - so we couldn't use the data projector or PA system or electric guitars for the last song. So we gave up and had morning tea.

We have a great church family.