It was wake up early and get up early feeling excited - very unusual for a Monday morning when I am usually flat after a big Sunday.

Pack up
After my radical (for me) hair cut we worked as a family solidly for eight hours to sort the house, pack the trailer and get going. We worked remarkably well together given the size of the task - and the possibility of parents getting annoyed when children got distracted.

The cleaners came at 3pm to clean the house ahead of Mat and Ros' arrival on Tuesday (they are living in our house while we are away).

We installed the Navman (that Cathie was given as a farewell present by her work) into the jeep that Peter and Vini have lent us. I also attached some extension mirrors to the jeep's mirrors so that I can see around the side of the wider campervan behind me.


We headed off at four to Marrickville where we voted in the local council elections. Having given six speeches at Leichhardt Council in the last two years I have for the first time had to take an interest in local politics and a much clearer idea of the issues at stake.

Then we headed north over the harbour bridge, stopped at my parents to drop off some washing, bought Dominos pizza from Mount Cola.

Driving got easier as we went along. We had more stuff in the campervan than on either of our previous trips and so are carrying a lot of weight. But by the time we had been on the freeway for a while I was comfortable driving at 100km/h

Tim Keller
We listened to a talk in the car by Tim Keller, a pastor from New York, one of a series responding to reasons that New Yorker's reject Christianity. The specific issue he was dealing with was the suggestion that Christianity has oppressed and disempowered the poor. Keller, speaking from James 2, noted that God particularly values the poor, and noted that it is in the poorer nations of Africa, South America and sections of south east Asia that God is working particularly powerfully at the moment. He then drew attention to Martin Luther KIng who in his campaign for civil rights for blacks (who were by definition poor) didn't call on people to reject Christ - but saw that what he was doing was rather an authentic expression of his Christian faith.

overnight at Cessnock
Cathie rang ahead to a caravan park we had selected at Cessnock and we arrived here about 9pm. In bed by ten.