Tuesday: Cessnock to Ballina

One of the things I was anxious about in coming on this trip was the difficulty of driving with an extra ton of campervan on the back.

I found that driving our Camry with the campervan on the back in our trial holiday in July (1000km around NSW) was quite stressful (a 350km drive from Coonabaran to Newcastle completely wiped me out).

I was concerned that if we could only do drives in small bite sized chunks - we wouldn't be able to get all the way around the country. And driving the jeep to Narrabeen last weekend with the campervan on the back still left me feeling stressed.

However, now that I have got the jeeps and the campervan's brakes properly co-ordinated it actually feels very good and we were able to go 700kmsish today. I managed to overtake a few semi trailers today. And the only time that I actually felt stressed was when we had six semis in a row coming the other way at night and there were lots of extra wind currents floating around.


We did a very long drive today, starting at Cessnock and stopping just short of the Queensland border at Ballina. Tomorrow we will (a) go to the RTA to sort out the rego sticker debacle (I left Peter and Vini's rego sticker in Sydney (b) buy a new attachment for the hose that puts water into the camper trailer (c) go to a welder to fix the campervan leg (d) cross the border into Queensland ready to go to one of the Movie, Dream world type parks the following day.

Today we listened in the car to Mark Driscoll's presentation at Moore College last Wednesday. Abraham was asleep but Hannah and Solomon asked lots of good questions. I also got halfway through John Woodhouse's opening address on 1 Samuel from last January's CMS summer school. And the music pick of the day was the song 'Dance band on the Titanic.'