Wednesday: Crossing the border

Usually when we go on holidays it's a mad rush, travel to destination, then I spend the first few days exhausted. I suspect this holiday will be similar and so I am starting to feel tired.

We will be going generally much slower from now on. Our plan was to get to Queensland as fast as possible and then slow down.

Yesterday we had a much shorter drive - just one hour from Ballina to a beach area on the Gold Coast called Miami (what a tragic name for an Australian beach).

We started the day with swimming in the caravan park's pool (Yes it is warmer up here). I played the monster and Hannah (Princess Leah) and Solomon (Luke Skywalker) had to protect Abraham. The winner was the one who could best master the force (tickling).

Then it was putt putt golf for Cathie and the kids. They introduced a rule that if you hit the ball off the course you scored a 10. But overall scoring had been abandonded as it was too emotion charged.

We had a late check out at midday and we were late for that leaving at 1pm.


On the way to our destination (a cheaper nastier caravan park) we stopped at Gold Coast towbars. They are going to repair the leg to the campervan.

Several weeks ago coming around the corner at the bottom of our lane, I caught the stabiliser leg on the gutter. Twisting it. We could have taken it back to the place we bought it from at Penrith or just got it welded. I rang someone in Sydney last weekend but it would have cost minimum $200 so we have come away with only three stabiliser legs (and have forbidden jumping at the kids end of the caravan). This leg should be returned tomorrow repaired - for hopefully less than the $200 I was quoted in Sydney.

In the setting up of the campervan each of the kids has specific roles. Abraham is in charge of stabiliser legs. Solomon explains the issues in this video:


John 1
We read John 1 today in the car and had a good discussion about the link to Genesis 1. Abraham and Hannah were particularly active in the discussion as they had Bibles. Solomon suffers from significant car sickness issues and can't read while we are driving. So he mostly listened to the discussion. After we had talked for 30 mins we listened to the first 20 minutes of a Bible talk on the chapter.

Petrol seemed ten cents cheaper in Queensland today. But them maybe because Queensland is slower they have cheap Wednesday not cheap Tuesday.