Movie world today

It's fined up on the Gold Coast and today we are going to check out Movie World. We are enjoying reading Bill Bryson's Down Under. We checked out and were given lots of books about Australia before we set off but all of them tried not to offend anyone and thus made boring towns sound like the center of fun (ie lied). Bryson's book so far has not been like that. I read the bit on North Queensland to them last night because I couldn't find the Gold Coast bit. But now we will go back to the start and work through it more systematically.

I have also now attached the fourth stabiliser leg to the back corner of the campervan.

There are small leaks in four corners of the campervan - but we have had an almighty downpour so we will forgive that.

Yesterday in the rain we all watched 'The King and I.' The last time I watched this I hadn't read the book 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' by Harriet Beecher Stowe and I enjoyed it even more having read that book (thanks Johnno!).