Thursday: It's raining on the Gold Coast

When we first started to talk to the kids about a year ago about the possibility of a trip around Australia - they were totally negative - about missing friends from school etc. The only positive thing that they could think of at all was that they might get to go to: Wet and Wild, Movie World - the Gold Coast fun parks.

Friends told us that we should plan to go - one day at a park, one rest day, one day at a park, one rest day.

Today would have been our first park day. But it has been bucketing down on the Gold Coast all day.

So instead we have had a very quiet day. We went to the shops. I upgraded my phone to an iphone. We read John 3 as a family (cross referenced to 1 John 2:20-23). We bought an inverter (which turns a cigarette lighter into 240V) which will allow kids to watch a DVD on my laptop on the back seat of the car when we are going through boring bits.

And Cathie bid for a new saxophone for Solomon on ebay. She turned out to be the winning bidder. And in the kindness of God the seller - the parents of a 16 year old boy who is going to the Queensland Conservatorium (so has upgraded his sax) live here on the Gold Coast. So we were able to pick that up.

Oh and we also picked up the repaired caravan stabiliser leg. It was $35 to repair. Way down on the $200 I was quoted in Sydney.

There wasn't much to video today. We did take a little footage of the good surf in miserable weather for Peter and Vini.

ps We're excited to hear from Sophie that the fencing is going up on the corner of Johnston and Booth Streets.