A quiet Saturday

Today was the most relaxed day of our holiday so far. We didn't leave the Gold Coast Caravan Park - and recovered from the frantic activity of the past week.

In the morning we blogged, edited up our little videos and sorted out the caravan. After five days on the move and rain as well, there was dampness, washing to be done, a sink to unblock.

It's suprising how we have had to queue up for the computer to diarise. I have been very keen that we have a memory of this trip to consult in the years to come. And I also thought that I would prefer to record and edit as we went rather than do it all in a big job at the end.

Abraham particularly is a slow typer and so takes a lot of time over his posts.

We had a lovely BBQ lunch in the caravan park by the pool, Cathie did the washing while I read Bryce Courtney's 'Brother Fish,' and the kids splashed around.


Before dinner we watched a Bible talk on video on Matthew 6 and had a good time stopping the video to discuss things along the way as a family. Hannah prayed that we would see God as father, Cathie that his name might be Holy, I that his kingdom would come, Solomon that God's will might be done and Abraham that God might provide us with our daily bread. We will watch the second half of that video probably tomorrow night.

Tomorrow we will visit Christ Church, Currumbin and then after that we are planning to go to Seaworld.