Movie WB world

Well we have finished the first big theme park on the Gold Coast. We woke up unsure what the weather was going to be like - and resolved that if it was lousy we would go and check out Brisbane. It wasn't spectacular but wasn't bad - which meant that we had a very pleasant day at Movie world, not crowded, not hot, not cold - and just a little wet.

Over breakfast we discussed John 3 and then in the car on the way to Movie world we listened to a little more of last Friday's Engage conference talk. This prompted a good discussion in the car about the difference between religious people and regenerate people.


We arrived as Batman street theatre was just getting underway in the main street, then we headed into our first ride 'The Scooby Doo Spooky Ride.' I think our expectations here were low but it was a really good ride. The roller coaster in the dark was much more dramatic than we had expected - and I think all the kids thought it was the scariest ride of the day.

We then headed off to the wild west section and Hannah, Solomon and I went on the river ride there. This was Cathie's first time videoing. And she now knows that you shouldn't spin a video camera 90 degrees like you spin a hand still camera :)

There was a wild west show finishing with a duel and then we headed to the Loony Tunes kids section - especially for Abraham. He had a really good time there (a few of the other rides were too old for him). Sometimes he's such a big boy and sometimes he is just so gorgeously seven.

Solomon wanted to go on every scary ride there was. Cathie and I were both starting to feel a little old for roller coasters. I was thinking of my parents who I now can't imagine on a roller coaster - and was thinking I was starting to relate to them.

But, I thought that if Solomon wanted to go then I should as well. So he and I went on 'Lethal Weapon,' a ride where you are strapped into seats attached to a rail overhead and then you loop the loop at very high speeds.

He wanted to go on the Batwing - where they send you high in the air - perhaps eight stories - and then you crash down six stories. So I went on that as well, with Hannah this time.

Cathie was prepared to go with him on the Superman Escape ride. But strangely enough having had a few thrills with Solomon I was feeling more childish - and was now quite keen to go - but instead stayed with Abraham and Hannah while Cathie and Hannah went.

Church on Fire

On the way back to the caravan we saw an enormous amount of fire coming from Nerang. We followed the smoke and saw on fire. We don't know anything about them but prayed for the fellowship that meets there. It made us reflect on the whole St Barnies fire again as well.

Back at the caravan it was a slow dinner, kids did their blogs. Cathie and I headed to bed at 10pm and watched 'Thankyou for smoking.'