A huge Sunday

For the first time since we left Sydney we had a firm deadline to meet. We had decided to go to church at Christ Church Gold Coast - a church planted by our friends Alan and Nicky Radloff.

Nicky was a med student that Cathie knew when she was working on the Ministry Training Strategy in the early 1990's - now the mother of six children and living up hear on the gold coast with her church planting husband Alan.

Their church meets at Currumbin Primary School. Alan gave a great address on Fatherhood and how we earthly father's can model our fatherhood on the Father in heaven.

We were immediately jealous of the space. Even when our church building is finished it will be a smaller auditorium than the space that they have to meet in - but that is the nature of property in inner Sydney.

After church they invited us to come around and have pizza with them that evening.


Just before 12 we headed off from church to Wet and Wild. This was the second of our our 'world' visits. We bought a three-world pass which gave us entry to Movieworld, Seaworld and Wet and Wild. (On Tuesday we will visit Seaworld).

Wet and Wild was a great time of family play (check the video). Then it was back to the Radloff's for pizza. I wished I had taken a dry pair of clothes as my shorts were a bit damp during the evening. Then home to the caravan park at Miami. It was straight to bed for the kids and while Cathie slept I watched the 1949 Acadamy Award winner 'The King and I' on DVD.