Wednesday: First visit to Brisbane city

Abraham and I went with the tow truck driver and the jeep to Ashgrove Car Care. I bought a coffee for me and an icecream for Abraham on the walk back to the caravan park.

After lunch the kids and I headed into Brisbane on the bus. Cathie gave us a short list of things she wanted us to buy. We stopped at the chemist and bought the things Cathie wanted before getting on the bus. I sent solomon to run them back to the caravan.

When he hadn't come back I rang Cathie ok the mobile and together we prayed and started to search. Hannah was posted to wait outside the chemist, Cathie waited outside the caravan park and I waked up and down the highway looking for Solomon.

I felt impotent with no friends in a foriegn city and no car.

I never know in these situations when I should escalate the alarm. Cathie is more willing to give the kids freedom than me and slower to press the panic button.

When I couldn't stand it any longer I called the police. They very reasonably asked me where I was. As I was trying to work out the address: 'Corner Ashgrove road and.... Enoggara road'. Solomon appeared in the distance in tears.

He had headed down the wrong street at top speed and after running a long way couldn't find the caravan park,got distressed and headed back.

There was an emotional reunion and Cathie then walked us up to the bus stop where we headed into town.

First thing we saw when we got off the bus was JB hifi. Some friends gave us some gift vouchers for DVDs to watch on the trip both at night and for the kids on the long driving.

Our first purchase was:
The game plan (Hannah)
National Geographic x 3 (Cathie)
Valient, Home Alone (Solomon)
King Kong, ET, Spiderman 2 (Dominic)

Walking around Brisbane we were am amazed by the quality and and quantity of street architecture.

After ice cream treat the kids were ready to come home to the caravan park and my idea of walking the Story Bridge was vetoed.

We spent a bit over an hour reading Philippians 2:1-11 and listening to a talk on that passage - stopping it every few minutes for a discussion.

After dinner by democratic process we chose to watch 'The game plan,'