Tom Lee

Sad but happy news that I have now only just heard from Annandale about the death of Tom Lee.

Sad news because we and others will miss him.

Tom is one of Annandale's characters. He spent years living on the streets but for the last few years has been living in a Housing Commission home.

Several years ago members of our church met up with him and he has been a regular member now since around 2003.

His particular service of Christ over the last few years has been reaching out to other homeless people with the care and compassion of the gospel of Jesus.

I have valued his advice on quite a few occasions, particularly he has been wise when I have wanted to know how we as a church community should better care for those who are struggling.

Happy news because Tom is in a better place: Heaven.

Life had not been easy for Tom. And since putting his personal trust in Christ and starting a relationship with God through Jesus Tom is assured of going to heaven. In fact that is now where he is. No more electricity bills to worry about. Just good relationship with his Lord and Saviour in Heaven.