Buderim and the Big Pineapple

Sunday morning and we packed the caravan as quickly as possible and
headed off to Lakeshore Church of Christ, pastored by L-T Hopper who
used to work at Christ Church, Gladesville.

Church was full and exciting. They have a great set up - they own pre-
school and use the pre-school class rooms for Sunday kids ministry and
they share a car park with the pre-school and the local shopping
center. But the thing that stuck me most was the men. There were men
in their fourties who were exercising leadership at every point. It
was very encouraging.

They had a great boooksales system - one of the guys orders books in
from christianbooks.com - they work out to be miles cheaper than
through the shops - he subsidised the freight costs and lots of people
buy good Christian books. I bought books by DA Carson on his father's
life and work, Mark Dever on church and Tim Keller on the reason for

L-T's wife Belinda invited us back for BBQ chicken lunch at their
house and it was good to catch up with them. They were delighted and
shocked to hear about Cath and Otto getting married as they were on
the same year at Bible College at Otto.

Belinda is a communications graduate and just starting to think about
how to start using her media gifts as well after taking a break for
baby making (three lovely daughters).

We headed off to the Big Pinapple - which quite frankly was a massive

Cathie remembered it from her childhood - and the disappointment was
that of was exactly the same as it was thirty years ago when she was
there last - except the guide was not as competent.

It was so clearly past it's glory and such. Stunning contrast to
Australia Zoo, which we saw on Saturday.

The tour guide - who took us on the nutmobile through the maccadamia
nut plantation had not been there long, didn't really know his stuff
and wasn't that interested in his subject matter.

We had the same tour guide for the plantation express train through
the pineapples and the story was much the same.

After the Big Pineapple we headed off to Hervey Bay. We ended up
getting their after dark. I have now made a commitment to Cath that we
will arrive at our overnight location before dark - as that will
significantly reduce her stress.