Hervey Bay and Fraser Island

What a great day. I am feeling very relaxed as I write this on my
iPhone on the ferry back from Fraser Island.

The day started at the jeep second hand place where we got a new back
up fan -meaning air conditioning can now be used again in the car.

Then I went and bought a new fuse for the extension cord we have to
attach the portable in car fridge we have in the boot to the cigarette
lighter power supply.

We had decided to have a day in Hervey Bay and not move ok to
Rockhanpton until tomorrow.

I took the kids down to the tourist info place and we discovered that
a ferry was leaving for Fraser Island in 40 minutes. So we raced back
to the caravan and found swimmers and headed down to the ferry terminal.

There was a resteraunt lunch, a Ranger's tour of the island plants,
see saw a dingo on the beach then we swam and went in the spa in the
tropical resort pool.

It was very pleasant!

One of our criticisms of the yobbo who lead the tour at the Big
Pinapple yesterday was that he new little about his subject (pinapples
and maccadamia nuts) and he didn't care about his subject.

Today's tour was a stunning contrast - the Ranger new lots about the
subject and was very personally interested and committed to the
welfare of Fraser Island (although she did admit at the end she was
more into wombats than plants) but had grown to love plants in her
current job.

Cathie decided to have a quiet day on her own back in Hervey Bay so we
shall see what she has been up to soon. It has been pretty intense
for us all being in each other's company 24/7 but as Solomon observed
the time that we have been spending in the Bible has helped lots.

We have been looking through Philippians both reading it as a Bible
Study and listening or watching talks on video and pressing pause and

Thanks to those who have prayed for I'd that we would do family Bible
each day - I think we have except for the two Sundays - but we were at
church those two days.

Tomorrow it's Rockhampton/Yeppoon and the Great Barrier Reef then we
go Emerald, Longreach and Mount Isa before we head to the Northern
Territory next Monday.