Fraser island vs Great Keppel Island

We have now been to two islands this week - Fraser Island on Monday and Great Keppell Island today. Although Cathie was only with us for the second one.

How do they compare?

Well the big difference is that Fraser Island is open and Great Keppel Island is essentially closed.

Technically the only thing closed are the two big resorts. But without the resorts all the subsiduary businesses have had to wind down dramatically. There were lots of beachfront houses that people could rent - that were sitting their empty.

I think Great Keppel is technically nicer but at Fraser the whole resort thing was in full swing, whereas at Great Keppel the only things open were the pizza shop, the gift shop and our pre booked coral cruise.

Having praised the fauna tour on Fraser Island earlier in the week, I must say that I enjoyed the Coral Tour more on Great Keppel today. But I think that's because I know less and care more about coral than fauna.

ps Paul, Carrie I think there is a really good opportunity for stories for you guys on what's happening with Great Keppel Island and what is being done to reopen it? The locals up here are very suspicious of the motives of the big resort owners who have from a long way off trashed their livelihoods.