Church in Mount Isa

We wanted to go to church this morning, so we drove the extra kilometers from Cloncurry to Mount Isa.  

It's not that we have to.  We aren't under any legalism at all on this point and it's not that we feel that we need a top up of Bible and Prayer.  As a family we are reading the Bible and Praying more on this trip together than we get to in normal life.

But it's an unreal life - this tourist life.  A life with no responsibilities.  No work. Just fun and seeing the world.  So we have decided to make it a priority to go to church each week.

At each of the three churches we have been to on this trip it has been good to meet with Christian people who are living out their normal lives, doing normal things, not doing the exotic unreal things that we are carrying on with.

We have been fairly eclectic in our church choices.  First the Gold Coast Presbyterian Church. Then the Sunshine Coast Lakeshores Church of Christ. Today we went we went to the AOG church in Mount Isa.  We made this choice not out of any conviction but because they were the only church in Mount Isa that was on the web.

There were about 100 seats. About half full. They were down on numbers because school holidays start today.  Kids program wasn't operating because it was school holidays.  

There were four songs to start.  I only knew 'Blessed be thy name.'  There was keyboard, drummer, base and trumpet and four singers.   The drums were miked.  Church family news was done with a very well produced video with a competent voice over. The music and video were excellent. I was impressed. 

The sermon went for an hour and was fairly unstructured.  It was week two of a series 'What is a real Christian.'  The first point was a repeat of last week's talk: A real Christian is someone who loves God above all else. 

We were warmly welcomed over morning tea.

Then we came home to the Caravan Park.  I had lunch with the boys while Cathie and Hannah went to lunch at the shops.  Now we have just had a swim and I am sitting at my laptop writing this while the kids play in the pool