Mount Isa Caravan Parks


We decided to drive all the way to Mount Isa because we wanted to go to church this morning and we didn't think Cloncurry had a church. So here we are at 'The Isa.' The photo above is of the park we stayed in last night. We have since switched to the Big 4 park down the road.

When we bought the campervan the thing that decided Cathie on the getabout was that it had the option of an airconditioner. And she worked extra days at work to pay for the airconditioner. And she really deserves to be praised for this. Last night we left the airconditioner on all night. Luxury.
Caravan Parks
We are starting to have views on which sort of caravan parks are most suited. I like caravan parks. I like staying in them at Christmas TIme because it brings me into contact with a subculture of Australian society that is such a long way from Annandale and the media.
The caravan parks permanent residents are often from the lower end of the socio-economic specturm. Although in Mount Isa that's not necessarily the case. Here the mines bring people in for short term contracts from everywhere all the time and there isn't enough accomodation in the Isa and so lots of people stay in Caravan Parks.
We are now in the Big 4 one in Mount Isa (there are associations of carvan parks - Top Tourist is the top one, Big 4 the next level down and there's another one family something).
We ended up in fairly low star accomodation in two of our longer term parks so far (the Gold Coast and Brisbane) and because I thought we might stay in the Isa a couple of days we changed parks this morning from the one we went to late last night to the Big Four one.
The deciding factor - Big Four have a working internet connection. A bonus they turned out to be two dollars cheaper $39 not $41.