Our Goals

Cathie and I had a talk yesterday about what our goals were as a
family and as parents for this trip.

I said that I think my top three are:

1. That we grow together as a family to love and trust God together
2. That Cathie and I become more one together through this
concentrated time away from distractions.
3. That we grow together as a family and our family identity grows.

I am also hoping for
4. A major childhood memory for the kids (much like for me the trip to
Australia and our family trip to Perth and back) were major childhood
memories and
5. That our kids might learn something.
6. I have realised that deep down I really would like to go all the
way around the country - just because it's there.

It's because of the fourth and fifth goals that I have asked the kids
to record their experiences and I have worked to video the experience.
I appreciate so much my father using a super eight movie camera to
film our childhood. And virtually the only bits that I remember are
the bits that he videoed and that we watched over and over on family

And I guess I am wanting to do the something similar for our kids
(Which is why I have wanted to record the experience and have them
record it as well).