Aliens at Wycliff Well

It was only another 40 kilometers to Wycliff Well. We had a talk in the car on the way about UFO's and Aliens.

Personally I am skeptical but agnostic about intelligent life on other planets. But if there does turn out to be intelligent life then that will open up another huge mission feel of opportunity to tell other sentinal beings how their sins were forgiven by the actions of the creator of the universe coming as human flesh to redeem the creation 2000 years ago.

Anyway the caravan park owner at Wycliff Wells is clearly a signficant entrepreneur. He has a place at the end of the earth that he has created a grand narrative for. The narrative is. Australia's top place for UFO sightings and the Northern Territory's top place for exhotic beer. Even the tourist brochures suggeset that the two things are linked. People come here. By beers they have never tasted before and when drunk see amazing things.

All the walls of the caravan park have been painted with alien life forms and images form other planets. The toilets are dubbed 'Femaliens', 'Maliens' and bizzarely 'Unisex.'

While checking in the lady told us to come to the back entrance of the office/shopping/resteraunt area at night to buy a meal because the would be serving locals out the front and that way they could serve us priority. (I didn't realise at the time that what she meant was there would be a group of aboriginies hanging around the front later at night potentially/probably drunk and buying beer and it would be better to be round the back).

It was quite strange for us to be arriving so early in the day but we all felt tired so had a swim - in a freezing pool. The pool was under a cover and icy. (I don't really get this why when the climate is so hot the water is so cold, but it's been a repeated pattern at a number of caravan parks).