Breaker Morant

Then we settled in our caravan and watched the first half of Breaker Morant which I had somehow missed out on seeing when younger. (I think on reflection it is a brilliant but potentially unsuitable movie for kids).

Abraham wasn't paying any attention. He was at the other end of the caravan reading comics. But Hannah, Solomon, Cathie and I watched the first half of the movie in the air conditioned camper van - as the temperature sored outside.

(Did I mention there is nothing much else to Wycliff Well other than a petrol station and alien themed campground).

My view about watching movies with your kids is that it's good introduce them to the challenges that they will face later in the context of conversation with me.

So I thought I would try out Breaker Morant with them. Then we could learn a little bit of Australian war history together. And talk about whatever was offending.

Anyway we are enjoying it. Have stopped several times to explain things. And so far we haven't got up to anything too horrific.

I confess not having watched the movie before I didn't realise that it ended (as Cathie has now told me) with the firing squad execution of the heros (that's a little bit of Australian history that I needed to learn as well). So later in the evening after the kids had gone to bed I watched the rest of the movie. I will now need to decide whether to show them the rest. I suspect we will watch it. And maybe stop it just before the end or talk it trough in detail.