The devil's marbles

Now that we are into the Northern Territory we want to slow down and introduce a new pattern of life. A new sleeping spot every day and a short trip in between (with the obvious exceptions of Alice Springs, Uluru and Darwin). So we set ourselves a goal of 130 kilometers to Wycliff Well (a roadhouse/caravan not on many of the maps or the NAVMAN).

On the left hand side about 90kms south of Tennant Creek on the side of the road we saw enormous boulders of granite. Many of them spheres. The white explorers who installed the telegraph line that opened up this section of Australia dubbed these rocks 'the devils marbles.' Big Marble shaped rocks in a devilishly hot place. We stopped and all climbed to the top of one out crop and the boys ran up to the top of another.

There was a school bus of year 10 kids from Melbourne who exploded out of a bus just as we arrived - played AFL at the foot of the devil's marbles and then just as quickly vanished.

We stopped for lunch.