The lake at Wycliff Well

Along the highways of the Northern Territories there are lots of places -- at 200km intervals -- that are basically petrol stations, meal places and caravan parks. Wycliff Well is one of these places.

Each of these stations seems to try to find a distinguishing feature to separate them in the traveler's mind from the next station. To give one a reason to stop there. The people at Wycliff Well have done better than anyone else we have seen at turning nothing into something through their UFO grand narrative.

They have set up an auditorium, 300 seat dining area, little mini train and amazingly - a lake.

We went for a short walk to see the lake. It was started in 1992. And on a good day now can hold 60 million liters. We were not their on a good day and it looked about 20 percent full.

But you have to hand it to them for entrepreneurialism!