Mark Dixon, Aboriginal, 26 yo and considering becoming a pastor


Solomon and I were walking through the Wycliff Well petrol station forecourt and there were a group of Aborigines sitting on the step. I smiled, said 'G'day' to one of them, who's name turned out to be Mark.

Mark said Hi and then straight out asked 'Are you a Christian?'

I said yes and sat down for a conversation. One of the frustrations so far in the center of Australia is that I haven't really understood what the state of gospel ministry is so I was keen to listen to him.

He told me that he had come to Christ though the ministry of some Lutheran missionaries, his parents and experience that convinced him of the reality of God - when he saw the stars at night form a cross in the sky.

I asked him about the death of Christ and he had a clear understanding. He told me that he understood that Jesus had died for his sins and was now his risen Lord. He told me about the struggle for him and the other Christians in his community to avoid sin and temptation: Grog, Drugs, Sex.

I told him that they were the same temptations that people in the city faced.

He spoke of wanting to become a pastor.

We ended up swapping addresses and phone numbers.

Please pray for him and the Christian ministry on the settlement he lives in - 30 kilometers south of Wycliff Well. 300 kilometers north of Alice Springs.