Here's an Abraham story

Sitting in the kiddy pool in Alice Springs, Abraham was very keen to play with a pretty impressive water pistol currently being used by a boy a few years younger than him.

I watched him try every possible means to persuade this boy to give him a go but to no avail. However about ten minutes later the boy was distracted by something else and put the water pistol down. Abraham immediately seized it.

He had filled it up when some older boys ran across (about 11 years old). They had been terrorising some 14 year old girls in the swimming area with splashing.

Abraham followed the example of the five year old earlier and refused to hand over the water pistol and instead joined the terrorist campaign.

I watched him as he ran through the enemy (14 year old girl) camp firing machine gun like water all over the enemy.

One 14 year old girl seized him with both hands. Picked him up whole. Ran him to the large pool and threw him in.

I waited to see if he would come to me in tears, as he doesn't like his head going below water.

But he thought it was funny - and fair.