Alice Springs Baptist Church

This morning we visited Alice Springs Baptist Church.

We visited this church because they have been using Introducing God and I thought it would be good to express Christian fellowship with them.

In the four Sundays we have been away we have been to a Presbyterian, Church of Christ, AOG and now Baptist church.

First thing we noticed before we got there was looking at their website was that they were looking for a new senior pastor. Second thing we noticed was that they have just got a new building. I was reminded what a good thing again it is to be taking leave at this point. And so not to be getting burnt out through this process but rather to be getting rejuvinated through this long service leave.

There were about 200 adults in church and about 100 kids. It is school holidays so the kids stayed in church. Being from Sydney's inner west it was the whitest church meeting I have been to in ages. There was no one Asian and only about 15 aboriginal faces (apparently there are significantly more aboriginies part of Alice Springs Lutheran).

The facilities are marvelous. And I couldn't help wondering if we should get something for adult baptisms as part of our new church complex. Perhaps a spa in the backyard? Might have to wait till phase two?

In the meeting this morning the church:
said goodbye to a long standing family with eight children who are going off to start a house church,
baptised an adult,
welcomed us well
and a guest preacher from Tear South Australia gave the sermon.

It was good to take the kids to a baptist church and good for them to see an adult baptism in a baptist church. We are only halfway through talking through those issues with them.

The speaker was engaging, At the start of his talk he set up Habakkuk well and I was really looking forward to a treat (I wrote some Bible Studies on Habakkuk in 1998 but haven't really studied it since).

Habakkuk's has two questions that he puts to God? What about the injustice and poverty in the world? And then what do you mean God by sending the Babylonians as the solution?

The speaker drew a comparison with the Sudan and challenged us to be involved in solving the problem.

After the talk new senior pastor Sam Swadling pointed clearly to Jesus in explaining the baptism, and then Phil (they guy being baptised) spoke clearly of the impact of Christ in his life.