Tuesday - Uluru - Sep 30

Next morning I headed to the bathroom. Cathie saw me coming back to the caravan sweating and faint. Dr Cath explained that not only I had gastro (which I knew) but also dehydration - caused by the gastro and the average 40 degree temperatures.

The water to the campground was cut off for six hours in the middle of the day for some reason. But it's not good 40 degrees, gastro and no running water.

I stayed in the campervan for most of the day except for trips to the loo. I read an excellent biography by DA Carson of his father Tom - an ordinary pastor in the french section of Canada in the middle fifty years of last century. I was in tears at several points.

We had one short 30km round trip to the rock. We took photographs including the one above. And then I sat in the airconditioned gift shop cafeteria while they looked around.