Dingoes in the toilets at Kings Canyon

At first I thought the toilet cleaners at the Kings Canyon toilets
were a bit boundary conscious as there are gates at the toilet entrys
to the caravan park - but then it was explained to me that the gates
are there to keep out the dingoes.

They told us as we checked in to make sure that at night we put all
our shoes inside our caravans because dingos often came and took shoes
in the middle of the night.

Then as Cathie and Hannah were returning from the toilets at about 7pm
walking right past our caravan door was a dingo.

We have been careful. Even making sure that we put the portable
freezer with all our meet inside the caravan at night. It's one thing
having a crow peck open a lunch bag on Great Keppel Island. It would
be another thing having a dingo nudge open the esky-freezer lid.

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