Uluru to Kings Canyon - Thursday Oct 2

I was feeling a little better. We drove to Kings Canyon. On the way we stopped to take a photo of Mount Conner - more popularly known as Fooluru. You should really take the photo on the way in. The urban myth is that some tourists have thought that this was Uluru and then turned around and headed back to Alice. Mount Conner is actually quite impressive - but much smaller than the genuine Uluru.

It's about 300km from Ayres Rock to the Canyon. The resort here is much better than Ayres Rock. It's run by the same people but they have to work harder to get tourists so they do. The gardens are watered. There are gum trees planted beside the caravans to provide some shade.

But it's a much more isolated place. No mobile phone reception. Internet is available but it's a dollar for six minutes (and that was too much for me to pay for contact with you). The people next to us at the caravan park, said 'Excuse me but you have NSW number plates - and we have just seen that there is a new premier in NSW. What happened to Morris Iemma?' (This was news from a fortnight ago but they had been so outback they hadn't heard that Rees had replaced Iemma).

At the front desk they told us on check in that we should go out to the Canyon first thing. It is so hot that one is best to do the walk early in the morning.