Back to Alice

A last shot of Kings Canyon

We headed back to Alice today. We are a day later than we intended because of my sickness earlier in the week and this means that we will miss the appointment with the campervan repair person, so we will have to wait to see them at our rescheduled apppointment time of Monday 8am.

We will use the extra time in Alice to go to the Lutheran (Aboriginal) church tomorrow morning and then to see the school of the air tomorrow afternoon.

On the way back we saw another couple of cyclists and then a couple of hundred meters along a dingo looking like he was protecting the road. I really am not a dog person and I felt for these cyclists. 40 degrees and a wild dingo to protect the highway. I stopped for a while to wait in case anyone needed to be taken to history but then it looked like I might have to wait too long in the heat so I drove on comforting myself with the information that that there were many tourist buses coming along and if a cyclist had been mauled by a dingo the tourists would pressure the driver to stop.

On the way we listened to a talk on the cross and the kids watched the DVD of Hello Dolly, which they really enjoyed.