Fixing minor thorns and thistles then 'Goodbye Alice'

The car has been running perfectly for weeks now. But things have
been starting to go wrong with our new campervan. In the scheme of
things they are minor issues but we need to get them fixed.

Our difficulties over the last week have been:

1. The cook top has come loose. Two of the four supports into which
it is screwed have broken. This is a problem because the sing/cooktop
unit swing upside down for driving. We have been proping up the
cooktop with cushions but you feel like every bump is putting pressure
where it shouldn't go.

2. One of the burners on the stove has stopped working.

3. The sink draining pipe has developed a leak. It started as a cink
in the pipe, which caused a blockage. We used pliers to fix that.
But then the this has developed into a leak.

4. The seal on the camper's internal Dometic fridge keeps coming loose.

5. Our portable WACEO 50L fridge just died on Friday. THis is the
second time this trip that it has died without notice. Last time was
on the sunshine coast and it was empty and we were close to the WACOE
factory (two suburbs). This time it has beef etc in it. We are about
to go through two weeks of high priced isolated country and we are no
where near the WACO factory.