Tennant Creek's Pink Palace

The Pink Palace is an aboriginal women's art group. It's located in
one of the 'town camps' on the edge of Tennant Creek. We called in
there on our way out of Tennant Creek because several people had
recommended it to Cathie.

The boss Adam introduced us to one of the Aboriginal painters (whose
English was best) and she in turn introduced us to her colleagues who
were gathered around a huge table painting.

At the end of the room was a huge picture featuring the crucifixion.
When it was clear to the women that we had noticed this they showed us
that in their main pile of paintings for sale about half of them had
strongly Christian themes.

And the woman who was showing us around came to life as she pointed to
the Bible verses that stood behind each of the various paintings.

We were particularly struck by the Aboriginal symbol for God.

To understand it you need to know that the symbol for a person is a
'U'. It's that shape because that's the shape you make on the ground
when you sit down.

So the symbol for the trinity is 'UUU' but with each of the arms of
the U connected together. And usually it is inverted 180 degrees
because God is looking down on us.

There was a painting of judgement day. The UUU at the top of the
picture and a single U underneath. And then someone to the side (a U
sideways) with an open book.

We were interested in buying three of the paintings. But the boss
Adam had gone out and no one else was able to price them for us. We
will give them a call when we get back into mobile phone reception.