Thursday October 9 - Mataranka to Katherine

This was one of our shortest trips from Mataranka to Katherine (only 100km - but the NAVMAN didn't get it).  We stopped at the Riverside Tourist Park just out of Katherine.  They were advertising out the front that it was a short walk to the Katherine Hot Springs.  While Cathie had a sleep the kids and i went to have a swim.

On the way we saw a sign warning us that there were not only Freshwater (allegedly harmless) crocodiles but there were also Saltwater (anything but harmless) crocodiles.

When we couldn't see anyone else in the water we decided that the sign might mean what it said and 'better to be safe than sorry' and so headed to the Caravan Park pool.

When Cathie woke up we went for a walk together up and down the Katherine main street (do you know they have piped music through the PA in the main street).