Sunday October 12 - Litchfield National Park to Darwin

We had a slow start because I was up a little too late chatting last night, packed the campervan and left in the caravan park while we went and explored Litchfield National Park again.

First we saw the Banyan tree.  It's a parasitic tree that takes over a host tree and grows to a huge size, eventually strangling it.  We stopped because they were offering coffee and we still hadn't had any since Alice Springs.  While it wasn't cappuccino it was make your own filter coffee.  Cost $8 for two cups.  The territory is expensive.  

First, we headed to the lost city.  Perhaps more for the fun of the 4WD track that we took to get there.  We enjoyed listening to Harry Chapin's 30 thousand pounds of bananas. There are huge rock mounds making up what they have dubbed a city.  How this all came about is a geological story that is long, complex (and which I might have been prepared to read if the temperature was under forty).

Abraham wanted to visit the tabletop swamp.  And as a result of our visit he now understands what a swamp is.

We had lunch at Tolmer Falls.  It was beautiful.  No swimming. No shade and too hot for lunch.

We raced back to the caravan park.  While Cathie and I attached the campervan the kids jumped in the pool then we headed to Darwin.  Ephesians 2:1-10 and the subject was 'from the gutter to the penthouse.'  I am not sure who the speaker was but the kids understood the main point.  We are going to work on learning Ephesians 2:4-5 off by heart over the next few days.

We arrived at the caravan park in Darwin just after four, quickly set up the campervan and raced to the pool for a quick dip.